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Google Summer of Code 2014


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The Bookie team works around an open source delicious-like bookmarking application and the suite of applications and libraries that make it tick. You can find them at


  • Add private bookmark support to Bookie The whole idea of storing bookmarks and displaying it to the user in an interactive manner when they wish to view it, is a great one. It saves a lot of work for the users and helps productivity. Currently, there exists no private bookmark support for Bookie. Private bookmarking is an important feature for a utility such as Bookie. Users can bookmark a url but mark that as a private bookmark that other users do not see on the website.
  • Creating ability to monitor 3rd party sites Bookie so far, not only helps bookmarking important or useful links, but also helps users to find them. Many people tweet important or interesting links or save links to pocket to read later, idea of the project is to add functionality to Bookie to automatically fetch the links from third party sites like twitter, pocket, facebook etc with permission of the user to bookie.