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Google Summer of Code 2014

The Concord Consortium

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The Concord Consortium is a nonprofit R&D organization in Concord, MA, dedicated to transforming education through technology. We have pioneered learning innovations for science, math and engineering since 1994 and have successfully completed STEM education projects based on probes and sensors (also known as probeware), computer-based modeling and simulation, online teacher professional development, the nation’s first online high school (the Virtual High School), sustainable development education and the use of video case studies in teacher professional development.


  • Data analytics for user actions in HTML5 web apps This project will involve creating a common system for sending user action logging data from HTML5 activities into visualization application, CODAP for analytics by researchers. This will also involve creating a system to allow non-developers to apply transformations to the data before sending it to CODAP and modifying CODAP to be able to pull data from the database.
  • Mobile friendly web based seismic activities mashup An educative web based tool to display seismic activities over time on a map with a 3D model to show its depth.