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Google Summer of Code 2014

Django Software Foundation

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Django is a high-level Python Web framework originally developed at the Lawrence-Journal World. Django was designed to handle two challenges: the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of the experienced Web developers who wrote it. It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly.


  • Formalizing Meta, Enabling users to build custom stores The Meta attribute is used in many places in Django: it is what enables us to write Models, Forms, and other parts in a syntactically nice way. Many people rely on Meta, even if it's formally an internal API. In the following 12 weeks I will be providing a plan to formalize Meta. It would allow people to build custom implementations of Meta and deploy them into a Django project. Finally, the project also involves building a PoC: integrating GMail with Django Admin
  • Improving error reporting & Fixing up the related issues There are quite a lot of bugs/errors in django that need to fixed as soon as possible. Hence, unexpected situations keep on arising. Also the error messages raised by Django can sometimes be confusing or misleading, sometimes due to Django wrapping and re-raising errors when it shouldn't or maybe due to Django not displaying error information effectively or sometimes it's simply a matter of not catching the right errors. This project aims at fixing these issues.