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Google Summer of Code 2014


License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

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FOSSASIA is a non-profit organization supporting developers and makers of the Free and Open Source tech community in Asia. The aim of FOSSASIA is to develop and adapt open technologies for social change with a focus on Asian users. Projects range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA offers resources to projects and organizes meetups and code camps.

The annual FOSSASIA Summit is the top Free and Open Source technology event in Asia. It was established in 2009. Previous events took place in Cambodia and Vietnam.

We are also looking for GSOC applications that cooperate with existing projects adding support to applications, e.g. graphic interfaces for projects like sms servers, thus making tools available for a wider public in Asia and globally. The FOSSASIA community is working exclusively with freely licensed software.

Please have a look on our proposed projects and feel free to add your ideas:


  • 2D Body Measurement App This project is to create a Android app that can store and mange body measurement data used for custom pattern making. The app should be able to guide the user through the process and should be able to generate files based on data, upon user request.
  • 2D Body Measurement App The project is aimed at development of a platform independent mobile friendly app that assists the user in taking his body measurement for customized clothing.
  • Creating a Graphical User Interface for Knitting Machines The project would allow tailors and artisans to easily utilize, manage and troubleshoot knitting machines, to manage their patterns, and to help them connect their knitting devices to computers.
  • Develop 2D Body Measurement App The goal of this project is to provide users with an Android app that assists them in measuring their body data for generating customized patterns. The measurements are taken according to standardized measure points which are usually used by tailors.
  • Phimpme app port to different platforms Phimpme is an Android photo app. Users can share photos to any photo service on the web - to twitter, flickr, google+, facebook, tumblr and many more. With this app you can even set up your own website and upload images from your phone. The app already offers built in support for Drupal, Joomla and wordpress. Goal of the Google Summer of Code project is to port phimp me to iOS and other platforms.
  • Plugins for ExpEYES - An Open Source Portable Science Lab ExpEYES ( Experiments for Young Engineers and Scientists) is an Open Hardware and Free Software framework for developing science experiments and classroom demonstrations. This project will work on developing a set of plug-ins for ExpEYES. These plug-ins with GUI's will enhance the scope of ExpEYES for using it to perform several experiments in mechanics, sound and waves. Project will also focus on adding features for using acoustic and motion sensors for various science experiments.
  • Post image to Github app and Jekyll/Markdown web service The goal of this GsoC project is to develop functions, that allow users of the phimpme photo app to upload images to their gallery that uses Jekyll, Javascript and Markdown. The most well-known sites using these technologies are github pages. The next step is to support alternative web deployments with Jekyll and Markdown.
  • Proposal for Anonymous Mode and Autosharing for Phimpme Android App The idea I want is Anonymous mode and autosharing for phimpme Android app. The features I planned to develop are 1. Share over NFC, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth 2. Support shared folders, public ftp 3. Sharing works without Internet 4. Auto-connect and broadcast 5. “Shake-and-share” I am the best person, because 1. I have the experience of hacking NFC, Bluetooth, and FTP. 2. I have the knowledge and experience 3. I'm a quick learner 4. I love programming and try to be perfect
  • Web Interface Administration tool for large numbers of Mesh Nodes Kalua is a hardware-independent OpenWRT-extension (using busybox-ash as main-language) for setting up, monitore and manage many, large wifi-mesh-networks for different locations. Large networks consist of hundreds and even thousand of nodes. Administration of routers, e.g. ESSID setting is a long process.