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Google Summer of Code 2014

JBoss Community

License: Apache License, 2.0

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JBoss Community is a community of open source projects. The community hosts a large number of projects that are written in various programming languages. The primary language is Java. But there are also projects that are written in Ruby, PHP, Node and other languages.


  • A ceylon.ast module for generating Ceylon code The goal of this project will be to write a Ceylon module that can be used to construct a Ceylon Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) using Ceylon’s named arguments syntax. This AST can then be fed directly into the compiler or into my ceylon.formatter to write the AST as regular Ceylon code (nicely formatted) to a file. This can be used to avoid writing repetitive code.
  • Hibernate Validator Java 8 Support Improve Hibernate Validator by using Java 8 new capabilities such as improved annotations (e.g. type annotations, repeatable annotations) and reflection (e.g. parameters names reflection). In addition, add support for new Java 8 types such as the new date time API types.
  • Implement Forge 2 plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. The outcome of this project will be IntelliJ IDEA support of Forge 2. This includes command/wizard UI generation and command console.
  • jBPM and CMS Integration into the KIE-Workbench (Magnolia) jBPM allows you to improve your business in different ways. You can run the full BPM cycle using the new KIE Workbench functionalities. It's often required that your business is around documents that needs to be stored, to be read by users of the system and take decisions about this in your processes. The idea is providing the possibility of uploading documents from the KIE Workbench, taking into account user roles and rights, and then being able to use them inside custom tasks and human tasks
  • Simple Certificate Management System As part of building a Web of trust in the unsecured world of the Internet, users and developers need to utilize public and private key pairs. These unique key pairs give users the ability to sign and encrypt data in an authenticated and secure way. Public keys are typically stored in certificate objects. This project seeks to develop a module for PicketLink database/LDAP storage by implementing management of Certificates through CRUD operations by exploiting Bouncy Castle cryptography API.