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Google Summer of Code 2014

Liquid Galaxy Project

License: Apache License, 2.0

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Liquid Galaxy is a remarkably compelling panoramic display system. As an immersive visualization tool it breaks new ground by using commodity-off-the-shelf hardware. Applications that have been enabled for Liquid Galaxy include - Google Earth, SecondLife, WorldWide Telescope, MPlayer and several game engines. The goal of this Summer of Code project is to further extend the capabilities of this environment using open source software and tools.


  • Dynamic activities to interact with Interactive Spaces and Liquid Galaxy I will use Speech Recognition to interact with the differents Controllers on a IS system and display the information on Liquid Galaxy over Google Earth or new web-browser software peruse-a-rue. The project will include a workbench activities to be tested by other developers and their appropiate documentation. I will do this work using the following technologies: Google Interactive Spaces, Liquid Galaxy, Speech Recognition API (to be determined), Java, Android, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Python, etc.
  • GLSpace My project GLSpace is a 3D website that can be dynamically edited. It utilizes WebGL and works only on Firefox for now. My aim is to extend its compatibility on all the browsers and integrate ViewSync feature into it so you can render 3D websites on multiple screens. I think future "websites" should be like "halls", "webpages" should be like "walls of the hall" and "links" should be like "rooms in the hall". It'll replace the way you surf the internet today with a more convenient manner.
  • Liquid Galaxy Project --Chinese Street View on “Peruse-a-rue” zoomin hao from china. Graduate student of CAS. Now work in a team about 3D Urban Scene Modeling and street view. And happy and excited to return to LG project after 2012 participation (Liquid Galaxy synchronization with Javascript).My major is computer graphics. I'd be eager to cooperate with you guys again and propose the idea about intergrating chinese street view into "peruse-a-sue" sys.
  • Liquid Galaxy WebRTC Hangouts In the LG LAB we think that involving conference calls and the LG project is a really good mix and would give a better and realistic way to communicate between people. The program is thought to run on a web browser(WebRTC), this makes it multi platform and much more useful also supports multiple users with LG in the same conference.
  • System, Network, and Performance Monitoring for Liquid Galaxy web-based app The idea of this project is to develop a performance benchmarking solution that will help diagnose bottlenecks and make decisions for a better performance of web-based applications in Liquid Galaxy