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Google Summer of Code 2014


License: Apache License, 2.0

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Melange is the software that powers Google Summer of Code. If improving the way that Google Summer of Code is run as your Google Summer of Code project sounds attractively recursive, please join us!


  • Continuous integration via buildbot on Melange. With pretty diverse set of test suites coming into our ccodebase, it becomes important to ensure that they are also actually run. It's reasonable to understand that sometimes, one of us might be unwilling to walk the extra mile of running tests locally, or even forget about it. In such a scenario it makes sense to automate the automated testing. A detailed abstract can be found here -
  • Improving Student flow/experience in Melange This project is focused at removing some issues from the student side of Melange and implementation of features which would enhance student experience at Melange. The project will include the implementation of proposal ranking and proposal diff features.
  • Responsive Layout Isn't it a bummer that Melange's pages don't fit on your phone's screen? Modern web sites are written with the entire ecosystem of web-enabled devices in mind and cooperate with the user's device toward the goal of best displaying themselves on the screen available to them. Melange should too.