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Google Summer of Code 2014

The OpenBSD Foundation

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Formally, the corporation's objects are to support and further the development, advancement, and maintenance of free software based on the OpenBSD operating system, including the operating system itself and related free software projects.


  • Capsicum I would like to port Capsicum to OpenBSD, with the primary goal of being able to improve "sandboxing" of various daemons and services installed by default. Userland helpers like casper and user angels are a secondary goal.
  • DHCP / Configuration parsing code overhaul The current configuration parsing code is quite messy and convoluted and should be updated to a more modern approach using yacc.
  • GPT and UEFI support for OpenBSD During GSoC I plan to support GUID Partition Tables (GPT) for OpenBSD amd64 systems, including the installer and userland. Also, I want to lay the groundwork for UEFI support in OpenBSD.
  • Modernize dhcpd daemon to OpenBSD standards. Enhance the current dhcpd daemon to bring it up to current OpenBSD standards, by adding things like socket support for remote clients and a separate control program to enable live database and configuration reloads. A survey of other dhcpd products to identify and then implement missing functionality would be part of the work.
  • Systemd utility replacements I am writing four DBus daemons that accept systemd calls and emulate their behavior correctly. My project covers systemd-hostnamed, systemd-localed, systemd-timedated, and systemd-logind (ongoing). It is intended for unix and unix-like systems that are not running systemd but need to support software (GNOME, others) that depends on such interfaces existing on the system bus.