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Google Summer of Code 2014

Open Lighting Project

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

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Mailing List:!forum/open-lighting

The Open Lighting Project is an effort to build high quality, open source software for the entertainment lighting industry.


  • OLA UI for Raspberry Pi As accessories for the Raspberry Pi such as small touchscreens become less expensive and more widespread, it is becoming possible to use the Raspberry Pi as a standalone platform. During this project, I will design and implement a user interface that will take advantage of the utility of a Raspberry Pi paired with a small touchscreen. Once configured, this will allow an inexpensive Raspberry Pi setup to act as a standalone RDM/DMX tester.
  • Windows port of OLA The Open Lighting Architecture provides a framework for routing and converting lighting control data between various protocols and devices. While the software is available for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS, it is currently not compatible with Windows. In this project, I propose a roadmap to port OLA to Windows. This will enable third-party software like QLC+ to use OLA directly on all platforms and enable Windows-based lighting control products to get access to a wide range of protocols.