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Google Summer of Code 2014

Google Open Source Programs Office

License: Apache License, 2.0

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We are the open source arm of Google, Inc. We're also the umbrella organization for students looking for special projects with academic mentors.


  • A qualitative search engine for solid-state materials synthesis Great advances in materials science and engineering are attributed to supercomputers and their ability to predict materials properties prior to synthesis. Existing scientific literature search engines are restricted since they only allow searches by keywords. The proposed project offers the user the ability to search the existing literature for starting chemicals (precursors), anticipated materials (products), temperatures, machines and other conditions.
  • Package for Symbolic Resolution of Linear Systems of Differential Equations Beneficiaries of packages of differential equations come from a multitude of disciplines. I propose to develop, in MATHEMAGIX, a package for the symbolic computation of solutions of linear differential systems based on cutting-edge research. The acclaimed package ISOLDE is developed by my mentor for the popular proprietary computer algebra system MAPLE. However, MATHEMAGIX provides, under GNU General Public License, a new high-level general purpose language for symbolic and numeric algorithms.
  • Topic modeling LaTeX equations on the arXiv Exposing scientists to alternate mathematical descriptions of problems they are working on has the potential to accelerate research. This necessitates incorporating mathematics into current topic modeling approaches such as Latent Dirichlet Allocation. By applying this approach to the arXiv's corpus of LaTeX equations, we aim to develop tools to analyze and predict historical trends of mathematical formulas in science and enhance scientific recommendation systems.