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OSv is a novel operating system, designed for the Cloud by, among others, some of the core developers of the KVM hypervisor. It is intended to be used as a guest OS only, currently on top of KVM and Xen (VMWare in the making). Its goal is to simplify the cloud stack, by leaving most of the isolation and resource manager work to the hypervisor, cutting most of the complexity from the OS design. Each OSv instance runs only a single application, and does that in kernel mode. Therefore there is no memory paging complexity, no system call overhead, and context switches are really fast. OSv is written from scratch with a novel design in mind, and it is not a fork of Linux. Unlike more mature OSes like Linux, OSv moves really fast, and there are still lots of features completely open for implementation.


  • GSoC 2014 – OSv – Add Symbolic Link Support – Prasad Joshi Add support for symbolic link in OSv.
  • Memory allocator enhancement The main goal of the project is to reduce memory fragmentation caused by the current memory allocation algorithms as well as properly implement allocation of objects with arbitrary alignment. In order to achieve that new way of determining type of an object will be introduced.
  • Porting CRuby to OSv The project goal is to port CRuby to OSv, and support Ruby applications on top of it.Additionally, I want to provide these things: (1) Ruby application target on OSv module infrastructure, which provides a way to use gems in OSv (2) A Ruby application sample witch using the target