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Google Summer of Code 2014

PostgreSQL Project

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The PostgreSQL Project develops the most advanced relational database in the world. With a long-time feature set incorporating advanced SQL and many unique extensions of the database engine, our database project is seeking students and other contributors who want to extend it in new and novel ways.  In addition to the core database, we invite students to apply to work on tools and drivers.


  • Allow an unlogged table to be changed to logged This project will allow changing an “unlogged” table (that doesn’t generate transaction logs) and its dependencies to a “logged” table, in other words, a regular table that log changes in the WAL files, and change from “logged” to “unlogged” too. To make it happen we'll introduce the following SQL syntaxes: ALTER TABLE name SET LOGGED; ALTER TABLE name SET UNLOGGED;
  • Implementing clustering algorithms in MADlib This project aims to implement some clustering algorithms in MADlib, which is a data analytics and machine learning library for PostgreSQL, Greenplum and HAWQ.
  • Index-only scans for GIST Index-only scans are a major performance feature added to Postgres 9.2. They allow certain types of queries to be satisfied just by retrieving data from indexes, and not from tables. That allows doing certain types of queries significantly faster by reduction in the amount of I/O necessary to satisfy queries. I think it will be useful to implement this feature for user defined data types that use GiST index.
  • Support KNN for SP-GiST Implementing nearest-neighbour search for PostgreSQL's SP-GiST structures (kd-trees, quad-trees and radix trees).