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License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

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Sigmah is open source software for the shared management of international aid projects.
Available in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish) version 1.2 is currently in adoption by 8 NGOs like French Red Cross, Médecins du Monde or Handicap International.
Sigmah software is a big and technically challenging Java/GWT application. Sigmah is a user-driven project for which graphical interface usability is fundamental.

Groupe URD is a not-for-profit French organization aiming to help the humanitarian sector to improve its practices. One of our means among many to achieve this goal is through the use of software to make humanitarian organizations more efficient and more able to structure their work. Sigmah project is our main and almost single software project for the sector.

Sigmah software is developed by Ideia, its main technical partner. Ideia is a French software service company. Sigmah Lead Developer works for Ideia.


  • Project Map sub-tab for HXL export in Sigmah The Map subtab Project for Sigmah is a feature aimed at obtaining a better coordination in the humanitarian sector. It will allow users to store their geographical project data in one place, preventing confusion and loss of information usually caused by the inefficient data management. It will also offer support for delivering this intelligence, along with other relevant project details, in HXL format to the Sahana cloud where other organisations can benefit from them in the blink of an eye.
  • Resumable and Robust File Uploads This project works towards developing resumable and robust file uploads for Sigmah.File upload is generallly a time consuming process, especially in cases where the internet connectivity is slow with numerous micro connection outages.In those cases File upload can be a nightmare, as everytime the network connectivity is lost, the upload has to start again. This project solves that by introducing a resumable file uploads feature which can be paused and resumed as the user pleases.
  • Sigmah's flexibility improvement Sigmah's most fundamental characteristic is the flexibility it gives to organizations in the way they can configure the system. Despite of providing a great service to its users, a significant number of issues have been pointed out by current users of the tool regarding this feature. With that problem in mind, this proposal aims to improve Sigmah’s flexibility on different modules of the software, such as project modeling, privileges management and categories management.