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Google Summer of Code 2015


License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Buildbot is an open-source framework for automating software build, test, and release processes. The Buildbot project is organized under the Software Freedom Conservancy


  • Forward porting buildbot to python 3.x Prepare buildbot to be ready for python3 when twisted is finally ported. The goal is to have buidlbot ready for when it happens so that it is fully python3 compatible
  • Metrics and Graph support for Buildbot This proposal adds support for capturing build statistics and adds graphing support for them using infuxDB and Grafana. Also, this adds support to enable users to gather arbitrary build statistics.
  • Migrate Buildbot’s Web UI to Angular Material My proposal is to migrate Buildbot’s web UI to Angular Material. I will work together with the mentors to give Buildbot another suite of UI based on Material Design and Angular Material will be used to achieve the desired appearance. The main reason to propose this idea is that bootstrap has some shortcomings compared with Angular Material especially when it comes to cooperating with AngularJS. This migration will give Buildbot a new look and I believe Buildbot will benefit a lot from this.
  • Optimize communication between the backend and the frontend My chosen idea is that over the summer I will optimize the communication between backend and frontend. This project includes the re-implementation of the client side data service as a standalone module and the elaboration of various data flow optimization.