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Google Summer of Code 2015

Ceph Storage

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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Ceph is distributed, software-defined storage that allows users to turn commodity hardware into a massively scalable storage cluster with no single point of failure. This storage solution is able to speak object, block, and file which unifies all storage needs under a single system with self-managing and self-healing characteristics. Ceph is already integrated with many systems, including the ever-growing world of cloud offerings like OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, Ganeti, and others. 


  • Add capability to enable MRC histogram generation on a pool in Ceph MRC is one of the most useful metrics to analyze cache performance. We want to implement a new method SHARDS which makes it possible to generate MRC online for a large system like Ceph. This data can be provided to developers to develop better cache strategies, can can also be provided to users to choose a better cache size. And some other optimizations like better LRU stack management or compression will be applied so that it can have a better performance.
  • CephFS security for multitenancy CephFS mostly assumes a controlled environment where we trust the UID/GID in the clients. This is like a typical NFS environment. One gap is that the root_squash option for NFS it not present in CephFS. Another gap is that clients are not restricted in what paths they are allowed to mount.
  • Implement Google Cloud Storage APIs for Ceph Object Gateway Implement Google Cloud Storage APIs for Ceph Object Gateway.