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Google Summer of Code 2015

Liquid Galaxy Project

License: Apache License, 2.0

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Liquid Galaxy is a remarkably compelling panoramic display system. As an immersive visualization tool it breaks new ground by using commodity-off-the-shelf hardware. Applications that have been enabled for Liquid Galaxy include - Google Earth, Street View, SecondLife, WorldWide Telescope, MPlayer and several game engines. The goal of this Summer of Code project is to further extend the capabilities of this environment using open source software and tools.


  • FAED Display I have been planning to develop a visualization layer and a graphic interface for the LG where the user will see the information related with the FAED project, which is weather data (wind, humidity, etc) and the drones situation, movements, etc in (almost) real time.
  • Liquid Galaxy Android POI controller To create a fluid Android apk controller for the Liquid Galaxy. This user interface will have two main sections: POIs and TOURs selector, Search by on screen keyboard and voice. There will also be a Management Tool protected by a pin.
  • Liquid Galaxy Project -- Chinese street view in “Peruse-a-rue” The Chinese street view is a great implement of "Peruse a rue" . But there are still some limitations in the Chinese street view. For example, and Tencent,co cover different street view areas, therefore we can merge Baidu's APIs into this project. And has released new street view APIs, which contain more features. we can add these feature and fix the bugs it brings. I would like to add these features into this project.
  • Re-architecturing and Random Panorama for the Peruse-A-Rue App This Proposal concerns Peruse-A-Rue; Street View for Liquid Galaxy application. The project contains two parts: 1. Addition of a new random panorama feature to Peruse-a-Rue that allows random panoramas within certain limits, similar to and 2. Migrating the master display code to run on the touchscreen client, hiding the delay currently seen between the visible master and slave displays. This will also allow a current heading to be shown easily.
  • Stellarium on Liquid Galaxy As a truly immersive display setup, Liquid Galaxy provides a user with a unique experience in which focus and context are both available at the same instant of time. Such immersion becomes more and more relevant for applications involving visualization of huge environments such as Stellarium. In this project, I propose to implement the support for Liquid Galaxy on Stellarium using Interactive Spaces.
  • View Your Data View Your Data is a project ideated jointly by me and Andreu Ibáñez, mentor at GSOC Google Liquid Galaxy project, a project with 4 years in the GSOC. The aim of the project is to create a tool that imports data of BigData platforms, and based on them create any presentation data layer to display in the Liquid Galaxy. We want to choose for the GSoC as a pilot the FiWare platform, the most used in Europe, and with many different data, that we pretend to add as layers on Liquid Galaxy.