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MariaDB began as a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality to MySQL. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with assistance from the broader community of free and open source software developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server optimizations, and patches. MariaDB is feature enhanced, community developed and backward compatible with MySQL. MariaDB ships in all major Linux distributions. MariaDB is also backed by the MariaDB Foundation.

MariaDB has grown to also offer a fully synchronous replication solution, MariaDB Galera Cluster and an intelligent proxy called MariaDB MaxScale. MariaDB also has LGPL client libraries for C, Java and ODBC.


  • Adding XtraDB Redis interface to MariaDB MySQL has a cache interface built over Memcached as a plugin to InnoDB. The task of the project is to develop Redis Cache Interface, run against MariaDB, and make it work against XtraDB/InnoDB for the 10.2 series of MariaDB.
  • Automatic provisioning of slave Setting up a replication slave involves copying of initial data from the master to the slave. This currently needs to be done manually. Goal of this project is, to create build-in method for automatic provisioning of slave without restricting master or reducing his performance. After such copy, slave is fully up to date even with changes done during provisioning process.
  • Port InnoDB memcached interface to MariaDB Memcached is a widely used CRUD protocol. MySQL provides a plugin, which allows to access and modify data in db via Memcached protocol instead of SQL. By using Memcached interface a far higher performance of simple db operations can be achieved [0]. Goal of this project is to port MySQL Memcached interface plugin to MariaDB. Furthermore, the plugin will be restructured in order to provide better access security (one table/port approach).