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License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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OpenStreetMap is a project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. The data is collected by volunteers largely from scratch and released with an open-content license. We allow free access to our map images and all of its underlying map data. We aim to promote new and interesting uses of our data which makes the project's uses so diverse.


  • Improving the osm2world GUI The goal of this project is to improve the osm2world GUI with modern OpenGL features.
  • JOSM raster layers filters I am a third-year student of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. I have never worked on open source project so I believe that it is a great opportunity for me to show what I can do. I am open-minded for task from this project that is why I would like to take part in contributing idea of implementing JOSM filters - I find it very attractive and interesting. I believe, I can show you good example of hard-working contributor and developer and you will never be regret if you apply myself.
  • JOSM: OpenGL data view Using OpenGL, the drawing speed of the JOSM map view could be increased significantly. Smooth zooming and scrolling would then be possible at lower zoom levels.
  • Learning Platform for Overpass API A fully interactive, integrated learning platform for the Open Street Map API. API documentation is the number one pain point for developers, and we want to minimize the spinup time of developers using the platform!
  • Mapillary plugin for JOSM At the moment there isn't any integration plugin between Mapillary service and JOSM, only with ID. As JOSM is one of the most used OSM editors I think that a Mapillary plugin would really be appreciated and useful. The main idea would be to be able to download mapillary pictures and show them in a JOSM layer, so when the users clicks on them the full picture is shown in order to easily identify street level objects.
  • Moderation Queue for As of now, reporting issues on OSM is cumbersome. To do so, a user needs to externally email an administrator with the concerned issue. This project is aimed at simplifying this procedure by creating a "Report" button and integrating it into the website. It is also aimed at creating a dashboard for the administrators so that they can easily manage the incoming reports.
  • Redesign and reimplement road presentation in Default OSM map style Redesign and reimplement road presentation in Default OSM map style, as trunk roads in forests should not be invisible. Full redesign will allow to fix major problems with current styling of roads and allow to display additional OSM data like surface information.