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Scilab Enterprises

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Founded in June 2010, Scilab Enterprises is the official publisher and professional services provider of Scilab software.
Scilab software, stemming from Inria, is the worldwide open source reference in numerical computation software. Scilab is used in all major strategic scientific areas of industry and services such as space, aeronautics, automotive, energy, defense, finance and transport.
Scilab Enterprises is committed to providing expertise in the implementation of optimal solutions in terms of technological innovation and helping companies to make the right decisions in computation and simulation tools. Scilab Enterprises advises companies by offering a comprehensive range of support, migration, development and implementation of specific applications in their technology environments.
Scilab Enterprises relies on the historical and technical knowledge of the Scilab Consortium which had developed Scilab software since 2003, to intervene as close as possible to the issues and needs of companies and institutions in realizing their projects with Scilab.
Our team is comprised of engineers and doctors of science from higher education schools or universities, graduated in mathematics, automation, telecommunications, physics or computer science. They have extensive knowledge of Scilab software and its environment and directly participate to Scilab development.


  • Enhancing Image Processing ToolBox of Scilab In modern sciences and technologies, Image processing has gained much broader scope due to the ever growing importance of scientific visualization. Scilab provides excellent support in engineering sciences calculations but in the field of image processing it restricts the user to a small domain of functions and algorithms. My aim is broadening this domain and providing users with an efficient and easily configurable toolbox and hence making Scilab a preferable choice of tool for development
  • Improving the ATOMS Packaging System This project aims at improving the way ATOMS manages the external packages, and adding functionality to the sciCurl module.
  • Improving the Xcos palette management Currently Xcos has a palette browser which lists all Xcos standard blocks grouped by categories. However, it lacks features which are essential to a good navigation, such as search bar, recent blocks etc. The global objective of this project is to improve the palette browser and make it more intuitive.
  • Xcos Automatic Layout Xcos is a Scilab tool dedicated to the modeling and simulation of dynamic systems including continuous and discrete models. Xcos provides a graphical editor which allows to represent models with block diagrams by connecting the blocks to each other. Each block represents a function. However, as the number of the blocks increases, an Xcos schema can become quickly messy. This idea of is to provide options to automatically update the layout of an Xcos schema and keep the digrams well-presented.