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The syslog-ng project

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

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syslog-ng is a popular open-source logging solution. The syslog-ng project is the umbrella over syslog-ng and related projects, like the syslog-ng incubator, the patterndb collection.


  • Java language binding for syslog-ng syslog-ng is powerful log management solution with many log processing features, but if it is not enough, it can be extended with new modules written in C. However C is not the language for rapid development,. To overcome this problem, a Java destination is already available in syslog-ng-incubator. The goal of this project is to extend this functionality, and make it possible to write filters, parsers, rewrite rules, template functions, and even sources in Java.
  • Riak Destination The project is to add a new destination i.e Riak to Syslog-ng , more details about the project can be found at
  • Syslog ng server monitoring with mobile app Syslog-ng is an open source implementation of Syslog which is a flexible, fast and reliable log management system. The goal of this project is to create a mobile application to monitor the syslog-ng server, there by giving the system administrators an advantage of monitoring the server from any where and anytime in the world. Administrators can track the status of their syslog-ng server using this mobile app and could perform various actions like reload syslog-ng, get statistics, and so on.
  • syslog-ng configuration editor using Qt At the heart of syslog-ng stands the configuration file, which controls how syslog-ng manages log messages. This project aims to deliver an easy to use, but powerful standalone graphical tool for creating log files, which can offer a simpler learning curve for new users, but also reduce the time required for administrators and power users to enable new devices with syslog-ng.