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License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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Tux4Kids is a volunteer project dedicated to creating fun and educational software for children. The project was started by Sam Hart over ten years ago and currently maintains and develops three software programs. The programs take their name from Tux, the Linux mascot. Tux Paint, led by Bill Kendrick, is an award-winning and widely used artistic graphics program. Tux Paint is enjoyable for everyone from the youngest children capable of using computers up through adults. Tux Math (originally written by Bill Kendrick, now led by David Bruce, Tim Holy and Aaditya Maheshwari) is a video game-style math drill program. It covers basic math operations up through topics such as negative numbers, factoring, and order-of-operations exercises. Tux Typing (originally written by Sam Hart, now led by David Bruce) offers word typing practice in the setting of two video game-type activities, as well as phrase and sentence typing for older students. All three programs are SDL-based C apps, licensed under the GPL. They are developed natively on Linux and are included in all major desktop distributions, as well as non-Linux Free Software collections such as the FreeBSD Ports Collection and the MacPorts project for OS-X. Builds are also available for Microsoft Windows and Haiku/BeOS. The aim is to avoid specific platform dependencies so the programs can be made available as widely as possible, including the computing environments that children are most likely to actually encounter in schools. Similarly, all three programs are extensively internationalized using the standard GNU gettext library. Starting this year, we are interested in expanding beyond the traditional desktop application model into web-based and mobile learning games. Potential approaches include javascript/html5 for cross-platform mobile development, and Java language programming for applets, installed applications, and (with some modification) Android devices.


  • Develop Mobile Application Project I have an amazing idea of application for Tux4Kids. This application would help children to learn reading and writing. Those two skills often cause problems to the youngest children. Nice appearance and friendly Tux would simplify learning process. I have prepared mockups to show You my idea. I would like to ask you to look at PDF under "Additional Info URL". There is application described in details with attached mockups. I hope that my application would interest You.
  • Migrating Tux Math SDL 2.0 My project is about SDL 2.0.
  • Port Tux Paint to Android based on SDL2 template project and NDK Current Tux Paint is successfully ported from SDL1.2 to SDL2 by developers. Further porting it into Android platform can make it more interesting and welcomed. This proposal is to show how to port current tux-paint-sdl2 code to Android. Based on Android template project provided by SDL2 and Android NDK, we can directly use current C implementation without modifying current implementation too much, which is quite helpful for maintain and develop.
  • Tux4Eng This project is the starting stage of Tux4Eng, It includes cross-platform games which helps kids in learning and memorizing basic English words. It covers all basic vocabulary like the names of colors, animals and every thing which kids study during their primary education. It is also designed to allow teachers and parents to make their kids learn in an interactive and entertaining manner. It is a combination of fun with learning.
  • Tux4ME - Web App Tux4ME(Tux Mind Exercise) is a web app with a set of 10 simple games, which would take couple of minutes so that you can play them daily.