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X.Org Foundation

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The X.Org Foundation (or X.Org for short) is a foundation chartered to develop and execute effective strategies that provide worldwide stewardship and encouragement of the X Window System and related projects (Mesa, DRI, Wayland, etc.). The X.Org Foundation has an open membership, and a Board of Directors which is elected from the membership. X.Org develops the X Window System, the standard window system for open source operating systems and devices. Today, as the result of more than 20 years of work by teams of leading open source developers, most of the graphical user interfaces for Unix and Linux systems rely on X.Org. The X.Org Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for non-technical support and guidance of the X.Org project. X.Org is responsible for the design of the X libraries which interface with application, the acceleration architectures used for graphics, and the graphics and input drivers. In particular, it has been at the center of the recent restructuring of the Linux graphics driver stack.


  • Apitrace: Add support for performance counters in the profiling view. Apitrace is an open source program that allows tracing, replaying, inspecting and profiling OpenGL/Direct3D calls made by any application. The goal of this task is to improve the profiling capabilities on the OpenGL side by leveraging the AMD_performance_monitor and INTEL_performance_query extensions, when available.
  • Convert the BOCHS and CIRRUS drivers to atomic mode-setting Atomic mode-setting has been discussed and designed for literally years, now it's finally there, it is not only necessary but allows a bunch of nice and long overdue cleanup and unification. There are a lot ongoing atomic mode-setting conversions and some already committed to drm-next ones, while there still are some subsystems haven't started the work, as far as I know, radeon, udl, bochs and cirrus are some optional drivers. I will take DRM_BOCHS and DRM_CIRRUS_QEMU as my converting goals.
  • Freedreno support on Android with DRM/KMS based Hardware Composer This project aims to provide an open source alternative to the the proprietary graphics drivers and library implementations used with Qualcomm's Adreno GPUs on Android with the help of Freedreno/Mesa.
  • OpenCL image support for the r600 gallium driver Current open source radeon drivers do not support OpenCL images. The aim of this project is to implement support for image-related OpenCL C 1.1 capabilities, both 2d and 3d, in the r600 gallium driver.
  • Range analysis pass, and porting optimization passes to Mesa's NIR The openGL implementation Mesa (part of the Linux graphics stack) has just gotten a new ir, NIR. NIR will allow for implementing a lot of the common optimization passes in the way they are represented in research papers, since it is SSA. NIR shows great potential, and lot of good work has been done. There are still optimization passes that could be ported from GLSL ir. I seek to implement a range analysis pass for NIR, among others.