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GnomeSoy: Embed Python

completed by: Darriel

mentors: Anthus Williams, Arc Riley, David Czech

Add support for running CPython in a GnomeSoy background thread. You can find example code for embedding Python on

The user interface (eg, AppMenu) should allow you to open a .py file and automatically execute it. This does not need to render Python code in the window yet, there is another Google Code-in task for that.

You will need to write a minimal .vapi file for libpython for the specific functions you use for this task.

While working on this task you should join and remain in #PySoy on Freenode to get help, feedback, and guidance from mentors and other developers. Code updates which may affect your work are also announced here as they happen.

When you've done, commit your work and post the resulting changeset url to this task.