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Bitfighter: TNL: Port 'gethostbyname' usage to 'getaddrinfo'

completed by: Darriel

mentors: watusimoto, kaen, raptor

Remember to join our IRC channel when working on this task! We are on #bitfighter at We are friendly!


Instructions to check out the source code, build, and get set-up are here

Your task

Bitfighter uses the first open-sourced version of the Torque Network Library (TNL or opentnl). This library is rather old and uses the deprecated network API method 'gethostbyname()'. We are starting to get warnings from Linux distributions that we need to port the code to use 'getaddrinfo()'. Your job is to do this.

Once ported, you will have to test the code against a server to make sure there is no change in behavior.